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Castletown Garage carry out a wide range of repairs to all vehicles, these include:

Common car repairs include:
– Fault Diagnosis
– Suspension
– Steering
– Brakes
– Head Gaskets
– Cam-belts
– Clutches
– Running Problems
– Starter Motors
– Alternators
– Air con re-gas
– Other Electrical Problems
Free Checks (while you wait):
– Tyre Legality
– Tyre Pressure
– Fluid Levels
– Wiper Blades
– Anti-Freeze Levels and Strength
– Batteries
– Cam-belt Replacement Interval


Assessments & Road Tests

Before all repairs (excluding minor repairs), we take every vehicle on a road test with the customer to ensure that we are able to correctly identify the problem(s). We will then give you an estimate before starting work on the repairs. If you decide to go ahead, we will photograph the parts that are to be repaired and text, email or show you the pictures. Where appropriate we also keep the old parts to show you once the work is completed. Regardless of your level of automotive knowledge, we will always take the time to explain everything to you so that you fully understand what needs to be done and why. We will also explain the difference between what is vital and what is optional at any given point in time.


At Castletown Garage, you have a choice; we can either fit manufacturer’s original parts or “original equipment quality” parts (OE parts). As a rule we fit OE parts because they are made to the same, or better specifications as the manufacturer’s original parts, but if you prefer we will fit original parts, just tell us which you prefer when you book. Either way, your warranty will not be affected because the law as it stands with Block Exemption Regulation.

Parts Availability

We can source most parts for a huge range of vehicles the same day, which means that if you bring your vehicle to us in the morning, we can usually have the repairs completed by the end of the day. If we need to order something that may take a day or two, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Makes and Models

We repair all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles. Regardless of whether your pride and joy is a 15 year-old Fiesta or a 2 month-old Bentley, it will be in safe and capable hands.